plumbing fixtures

Sharkey’s can help you with all of your plumbing fixture needs for your home or office. This includes but is not limited to: toilets, bathroom sinks, utility sinks, faucets, pipes, stop valves, fittings, repair parts, and pumps and supplies. With the experience of all phases of a plumbing fixture’s life cycle, whether the fixture is brand new and being installed for its first use in a new home or business, or the fixture is vintage and needs service to keep it functional and unique, you can rest assured that Sharkey Plumbing & Heating, Inc. will have your perfect solution. 

water softener

Water softeners are important because they remove calcium and magnesium through an ion exchange process, so by the time the water passes through your home it will be softened water. Hard water issues are often expensive, with symptoms of a malfunctioning system usually hiding until the system stops working, creating issues for anyone hoping to use the water in your home or business. Let Sharkey’s give you the guidance and assistance you are looking for to help with your water softener problems. 

Water Heaters

Sharkey’s can help you with all of your water heater needs for residential or commercial applications. Water heater selections and maintenance are not only important for optimizing their functionality, but also for controlling their energy usage and its impact on your utility bills. Common water heater problems can include no hot water, not enough hot water, too hot of water, noisy heating elements, black or rusty colored water, foul odor, or leaking pressure relief valves. Let Sharkey’s technicians handle all of your water heater needs, and you can be sure your water heater problems will be solved quickly. 

Boiler Installation

Boilers come in many forms, including condensing gas products, gas boilers, oil boilers, radiators, and water heaters. It is important that the heating contractor you select to work on your boiler has experience with many types of systems, so they will be familiar with the different boiler components as they vary across boiler models. Sharkey’s is your best bet for an effective boiler solution for your construction and/or repair needs. 

• General Plumbing

• New Construction

• Remodeling

• Repairs

Sharkey’s can help you with all of your general plumbing needs for new construction and/or residential or commercial repairs. This includes but is not limited to: interpreting blueprints and building specifications to plan the layout for drainage systems, pipes, and any other plumbing materials; installing pipes and plumbing fixtures for water, gas, steam, air or other liquids such as sinks and toilets; and installing support for pipes, mechanical equipment, and plumbing and heating fixtures prior to installation. 

Residential & Commercial Since 1988

If your home, business, or construction project in the Northern Hills area of South Dakota requires a qualified and certified plumbing and/or heating company, Sharkey Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is the company you are searching for! In business since 1988, Sharkey has the experience and technicians to meet all of your plumbing and heating needs including repairs, new construction and remodels, and residential and commercial facilities. 

Plumbing and heating issues can quickly escalate in cost and inconvenience to the home or business. When you call Sharkey’s, you can be sure you will be met with efficient and friendly service. We offer a  wide range of services including general plumbing, plumbing fixtures, water heaters, water softeners, heating contractors and boilers. Sharkey’s has the solution to your plumbing or heating issue at a fair price and superior quality.

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